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emacs-24.3 + emacspeak-39.0

Hi: I've been a happy and productive user of emacs-23.3 and emacspeak
37.0 for a while now. I want to bite the bullet and update to the
latest stable emacs + emacspeak versions. I've successfully built
emacs 24.3 from source but I'm having trouble building and running
emacspeak-39.0. I wondered if I might get some help.

OS is stock Vinux 4.0
Emacs version 24.3 built from source
Emacspeak  version  39.0

The first problem I have is with building emacspeak:

emacspeak-webutils.el:56:1:Error: Symbol's function definition is
void: cl-proclaim

If I ignore this error and plow on (perhaps unwisely) with 'make -k',
then run the result, I have the following problems:

Cursor up and down speaks the whole line, but cursor left or right
doesn't speak the character under the cursor. 

Meta  cursor left/right doesn't speak the word under the cursor.

c-c Home goes home but doesn't speak the 1st line of the buffer.

c-c End goes to the end of the buffer but doesn't sound the audio

A number of other audio icons seem to be missing, ie after a c-g.

Incidentally, emacspeak-version  in  emacspeak-setup.el is stuck at

Thanks for any help you can give.

Les Smithson

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