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Re: let's remove q switch from emacspeak startup script

W dniu 2013-11-11 02:20, T. V. Raman pisze:
The current shell script is basically out-dated and obsolete as
far as I am concerned -- it's not been touched in years -- and
even when it was written, was something that I personally never
care for.

I'll send a patch for the script then.

Please define what it  is that you're trying to achieve; the
direction I'd recommend for  customizing startup would be via an
appropriately written elisp file.

Variable customization, that's what I try to achieve. Here are the steps to reproduce the problem:
1. Start Emacspeak using standard script, as suggested in the Manual
2. C-h v
3. truncate-lines
4. enter "customize" link, from the bottom of the opened help buffer
5. you get: "Custom settings cannot be saved; maybe you started Emacs with `-q'."
Expected behaviour: ability to customize the variable.


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