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Re: Possibly unexpected behaviour

Hi Jarek,
(this is quite off topic)
This didn't seem relevant until now, but because you asked:
I have a big hearing loss, especially on high frequencies. So I am among those complaining about "hearing but not understanding". Because of this, I am absolutely unable to use espeak. Fortunately for me, there is one old synthesizer, WinTalker voice, which still works for me very well. Originally I wanted to implement a SSIP server for Windows. Not a whole clone of speech dispatcher as this is difficult, and maybe not entirely possible. Then I found that Emacspeak is "more cool" and quite surprisingly for me, far easier to implement the speech server. And my hearing loss simply forces me to implement the SAPI4, because this synth works best in SAPI4. SAPI5 is just an evolution, and not so important for me.

And yes, you are right, I could test this particular situation myself with espeak. :)

Dňa 4. 11. 2013 21:26 Jarek Czekalski  wrote / napísal(a):
Lubos, I confirm this works ok in Emacspeak on Debian.

But in general it's not the best approach to test Emacspeak only through
the mailing list. If you are on Windows, why don't you install the
release that uses espeak and test all the cases by yourself?


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