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Re: patch: newline-and-indent speaks despite quiet mode

W dniu 2013-10-25 17:30, T.V. Raman pisze:
Also, the patch is technically incorrect --  if there is a bug,
it's not in the function you're patching; basically, if dtk-quiet
is t, all output producing functions like dtk-tone, dtk-speak and
dtk-say  should become no-ops which they already do.

The three functions you mentioned are not relevant to this bug, because none of them is called. The function doing the audio output, called from newline-and-indent, is "dtk-speak-using-voice". This is the function I patched. This function calls dtk-interp-queue which communicates directly with the speaker process. This should be no-op when dtk-quiet is t, but without my patch - it wasn't.

If you analyze the code you should come to the conlusion that the patch should be applied. I wonder why you don't reproduce it. Maybe you never get "indent zero" message, even when dtk-quiet is nil. You may try launching the following script in both silenced emacspeak and in normal mode, to see what happens. On my end it speaks in both cases.

(dtk-speak-using-voice voice-annotate "test")


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