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Re: Emacspeak doesn't read echo area?

There are different mechanisms to display a message in echo area.
Emacspeak can install advices to basic functions used to display
messages from Lisp such as `signal' or `message' but sometimes this
happens at the C level where Emacspeak cannot catch up. It still can
check the contents of echo area from post-command-hook - a hook executed
after every command. But then how to decide which messages need to be
spoken? It's not exactly clear.

In the case of undefined keys Emacs rings the bell and you can customize
its behavior through ring-bell-function. Like this:

(setq ring-bell-function
      (lambda ()
	(emacspeak-auditory-icon 'warn-user)
	(if (memq this-command '(nil undefined))
	    (dtk-speak "undefined key"))))

Lubos Pintes wrote:

LP> Hi,
LP> When for example I press F6 in Emacs while Emacspeak is running, the "<F6>
LP> is undefined" message appears in echo area. But Emacspeak doesn't read it.
LP> Why?
LP> Or this is a misconfiguration on my side/my server?
LP> I am on Windows.

With best regards
Dmitri Paduchikh

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