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ems-interactive-p, a bug in call-interactively-p?

I fixed the arrow movement problem (emacspeak-forward-char command). Currently only on my box.

I don't know why this fix works, but going back to an obsolete function interactive-p fixes the problem. Changing the parameter of called-interactively-p from 'interactive to 'any does not help, removing this parameter neither. Many things depend on ems-interactive-p flag, who knows what kind of weird behaviours may be experienced when this does not work. That's why I wanted to highlight it. Let's have an eye on it.

Can't also explain why the problem is not visible on my box when I have elc files. When I remove elc files from 38.01, the problem arises.

No problems should be visible on emacs23, because the new function is not used then. This may be a workaround for Emacspeak for Windows 38.02 users.

I also found this thread that says that one can not fully rely on any of these "interactive-p" functions (first reply), especially when defadvice is used.

A fragment of code goes below, this is from file emacspeak-load-path.el.


 ((string-match "24" emacs-version)
  (defsubst ems-interactive-p  ()
    "called-interactively-p 'interactive"
    (called-interactively-p 'interactive)))
 (t (defalias 'ems-interactive-p  'interactive-p )))

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