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accessible bug tracker

I don't know if the bug tracker we have at sourceforge is good to access is with a screen reader (or Emacspeak). Could you share your opinion about which bug tracker would be best for eyes-free access? I will present the reasonable options I know:

1. Sourcefore built-in tracker, for example Emacspeakwin:

2. Google code "Issues", for example Emacspeak:

3. Bugzilla, for example Orca:

4. Trac, for example Nvda:

My first shot was at sourceforge, because it's integrated with sourceforge portal and already bundled in every sourceforge project. But if one of the others is significantly better accessible, I will consider setting it up.

The most powerful is Bugzilla, but for our needs all of them would do. So accessibility should be the first criteria. I don't think we should talk here about other aspects, because it would start an endless debate. All these trackers have their fans which would swear for them :)


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