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Re: emacspeak for windows 38.02 is out

Guys, thank you both for the feedback. I appreciate it a lot. The plan is to have all these nuisances fixed. Of course this is not possible without your voices.

Does the speech now shift pitch as it should as well?
I found that it didn't for me when I ran it under Windows, but that
could just be me doing something wrong?

I guess I identified the cause of lack of voice change. This will be addressed in 38.03 and then I would like to hear from you, whether the situation improved. Here is the bug report link:

1. I had to "Run as administrator" the emacspeak installer.

Filed as ticket #7, will be corrected by 38.03. The installer gives me (as a programmer) 2 options for creating shortcuts: 1. For the current user only, but it seems to me, that it must be run as non-admin then.
2. For all users, running as admin.
I will have to switch to variant 2, because troubles with launching the installer or detecting espeak disqualify the first one.

2. Left and right arrow keys still don't work.

I need a detailed bug report on that. If possible, please put it in the Tickets:


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