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emacspeak for windows 38.02 is out

Hello everybody!

It took some more time, but more features are included as well. Here is the changelog:

  - Enabled auditory icons through play_sound.exe utility.
  - Not distributing elc files (increased portability with different
    Emacs versions).
  - Added quick-start guide and changelog to readme_windows.txt
  - Provided Uninstall.exe.
  - Added the icon.
  - Moved eSpeak dlls to tcl/bin directory, so that modifying PATH
    be no longer necessary.
- Added possibility to create shortcuts, so the last page of the installer
    (about emacspeak.bat file) was removed.
  - Added emacspeak_raw.bat, to run without user init file.
  - Notable changes in Emacspeak core:
    - a better default for the speech speed rate (speaks faster)

What I am happy with is a small thing - the icon. I used the picture suggested by Raman. This is how it looks like: a big yellow (female) labrador sits front to us. It fills completely an oval frame, situated vertically. It reminds portrait photos from the beginning of the previous century. Such frames were definitely in top fashion these times. Out of this oval frame sticks a comics baloon, the dog speaks. "Complete Audio Desktop" is what he says. I like it from marketing point of view. If a dog, that completed a course for guiding people, says that an application is good, it must be such! Emacspeak inscription at the bottom of the icon. Even if the icon is small, the shape of the dog, the frame and the baloon are recognizable. That's cool. When you have "large icons" view switched on, the details may be observed, because icon has also a bigger resolution included (256x256).

Download link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/emacspeakwin/files/emacspeak_38_02_setup.exe/download

That's it! Happy using!


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