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Re: no byte-compilation in windows release

W dniu 2013-10-11 23:00, Tim Cross pisze:
I would be a little wary about concluding byte-compiled files not appearing to affect performance. While startup may not see much difference, most likely because of auto loads etc, overall performance may be affected. A lot will depend on each users specific requirements and what they do and which modes they load etc.

I also thought about performance during processing. But an experienced user will be able to compare 2 versions - compiled and not compiled and report it if they detect an important difference.

One thing makes me easy. Tcl script used in speech server, where performance seems to be crucial, works in interpeting mode. Always. And we don't make any change here.

I'll work on a script to do the compilation. Indeed it could be bundled with the installer. A one for windows, a batch file.


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