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Emacspeak for windows: Reporting issues/bugs

Hi, Jarek,


How do you want users to report issues they are having with the windows port of Emacspeak?  I’ve encountered a few and wanted to know how to make them known to you in a way that would allow you to prioritize/delegate the work involved.  They are the following:

Under windows 8 64 bit version:

1.        Audio icons don’t work.  Suspect alsa-specific commands.

2.       Voice changes don’t happen for links and other situations where voice changes are used to inform one of what’s happening on the screen.  This can be seen in Emacs fundamental mode in the first screen welcoming you to Emacs and in the customizations area.

3.       Info mode is not read unless you go character by character with the arrow keys.  C-f, c-b, c-n, c-p & friends result in deafening silence.  Just do an m-x info to reproduce.

4.       Folded text and unfolded text being read exactly the same in Org-mode.  To reproduce, create a few headings, write a line or two under neeth and then backtab to fold them.


Hope this helps and, again, please let me know what he preferred way to inform you of these issues will be.


Thanks and best regards,



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