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RE: emacspeak intialization

Ok, I admit it, I'm rather dense today.  Please help me understand something, if you would.  Why is the -q needed?  I can't wrap my head around anything else until I understand that.  Nobody likes the -q because you can't customize Emacs if you run it with that flag.  All I was saying was change the little batch file to which I now have a desktop shortcut called emacspeak.bat for people to download in future.  I changed it myself and it was extremely easy and minor but, if someone doesn't know where to look for it, they might have a devil of a time figuring out what's wrong.  That's all I was saying.  I really didn't mean to indicate I felt all that much work needed doing.  The problem I sought to solve with my suggestion was:  How do we get Emacspeak to run for someone initially ready to be customized and personalized from the get-go with minimal work on the part of the developer?

Rather confused,

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W dniu 2013-10-09 17:32, Alastair Irving pisze:
> I agree regarding the -q switch.  However,  its still included in the 
> emacspeak.sh script on linux and we presumably want things to be as 
> consistent as possible.

This is the thing I want to fix. That's why I put a note about it in readme file in Windows version. The road is not easy, because core emacs doesn't want to help. Here is a fresh discussion on subject on emacs-devel list:


As you said, Alastair. I would like to fix it in a cross-platform way. 
But if someone does it before me, that's even better. The only thing is to synchronize with each other, not to duplicate our work. Here is my plan:

 1. Locate site-start and remember its directory  2. If necessary, create a new site-start.el in (car load-path).
    load-path must be checked while run through a script with -Q or -q  3. Create a site-start.d directory  4. Put a testing script in that directory  5. Run emacs and test if the script gets executed  6. If the script is not executed, make site-script.d executable
    directory (details in thread mentioned above). This change is to
    stay forever in Emacs, uninstall won't remove the directory. This is
    the thing Emacs should do for us, but admins there are not
    interested. Storing the directory name in a site-start-d variable
    should also be a handy thing.
 7. Place a startup script in site-start.d  8. The script will test if env var ACTIVATE_EMACSPEAK is set. Only then
    will it activate emacspeak.

Points 1-6 should be spread as a universal workaround for the lack of site-start.d in Emacs.

On Windows we have additional problem, becase dll files must be in the system path. Currently it is done by batch file, so putting a load command in user init file may be not enough to fire our app. Maybe a complete initialization script will solve this issue. Or I'll try to link whole library into a single dll.


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