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Re: emacspeak for windows

W dniu 2013-10-09 16:00, Alex Midence pisze:
You should spread the word on the blind programmer's mailing list.  I think you will generate a very positive response.

Alex, thank you for your words. And thank you to all to whom I forgot to say thank you personally. That's more than enough to keep me working :)

I plan to post to nvda, because I started Emacs discussion there a month ago or so. The feedback was very positive. But I think I'll first prepare a new release containing the fix to the speech rate problem. Please give me some time. I work somewhat slowly, but usually don't quit my plans and push them to an end.

I plan to release 38.02 quickly without making major improvements, like auditory icons, byte compilation and fixing startup. I think I'll include the picture Raman suggested, as the icon. Its oval shape should be recognizable even in microscopic icons sizes, that's what I like in it.

Please spread a word on your own whenever you think it's suitable. It's a public project and open source. Patches, improvements, bug reports - all welcome. Especially if posted to the right place, like Windows bugs into emacspeakwin bug tracker.

Best wishes,

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