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RE: emacspeak for windows

Installed it last night.  Works good.  One small thing I would recommend is to remove the -q flag from the batch file's command to launch Emacs.  This way people can just start customizing it right off without having to dig for the batch file.  Works good though.  There is one thing that is pretty big that may need some attention:

Auditory icons do not work in Windows.  I suspect it's because they use the aplay command to play the .wav files.  I think there's a command in windows that is analogus to it and it's just plain old "play" which could be substituted.  There's also code referring to aumix which may need some attention.  As for why bother fixingauditory icons, my response is that they are very handy.  I find them particularly handy reading files with folded sections, be they .org files or source code/markup code.  

Again, thank you so very much for doing this work, Jarek.  I simply cannot commend you enough.  It is absolutely fantastic to know that Emacspeak is usable in Windows.  You should spread the word on the blind programmer's mailing list.  I think you will generate a very positive response.


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