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emacspeakwin installer - byte compiling

Thinking more about the thing with cl-proclaim. This message is
something that was coming and going during my attempts. Alastair
helped me to understand it.

> 1. I first tried to install it with my current version of Emacs,
> 24.2, but it didn't work.  It complained that cl-proclaim wasn't
> defined, I suspect that this is because of the change from cl to
> cl-lib in version 24.3 so bytecode compiled with 24.3 using these
> functions won't be backwards compatible.  Once I upgraded to Emacs
> 24.3 this problem was solved.

So it seems that byte-compiling during the installation would increase
portability. I don't want to force a very specific Emacs
version. Installer has access to Emacs. It could run compiling

Do you think it's worth doing?


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