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Re: [SPAM] Emacspeak, OS X - good work

Hi Bart,

I'm still very much a novice with the Mac, so still bumbling my way
around and banging into the furniture. 

Was interested with your comment regarding using different voices and
limitations of the params for changing current voice to help improve
voice fonts etc. I have noticed some minor quirks - for example,
sometimes the voice really speeds up when it increases in pitch,
making it hard to understand. However, most of the time the voices
have been fine - possibly needing just minor tweaking to reduce the
amount of change as in some respects it sometimes feels like different
things are being shouted rather than just being a little different.

I've not yet installed any additional voices, but will look into doing
that. I plan to just leave things as-is initially. Give myself time to
get a feel for the mac and the mac voices. Later, I hope to look at
what tweaks I can try to improve things. Will let you know how it all


Bart Bunting writes:
 > Hi Tim,
 > Thanks also for the kind words.
 > I would be interested to hear your experiences with the mac speech
 > server.
 > I know there are still a few rough edges and bits especially with
 > voicification values that can be tweaked.
 > There is quite a limited set of options available with the mac voices
 > with regards to speech parameters  that we can use.  Limited to volume,
 > pitch and intonation which doesn't do much.
 > The newer mac voices have even less nobs to twist.  
 > David and I have experimented with sox support to use that as a way of
 > post processing sound to try and add more variation in speech.  It can
 > be fiddly to get installed and working on mac though.
 > I am currently not really using that option but might be interested in
 > trying to get it working better again.
 > The other thing I have done wich I find helpful is to install many of
 > the optional mac voices and then customize emacspeak to use them for
 > certain things e.g. dired etc.
 > This is a personal thing though and it depends on which voices you have
 > installed and which ones you like.
 > Anyway sorry for the ramble, just thought some background info may have
 > been helpful.
 > Kind regards
 > Bart
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