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Emacspeak, OS X - good work

Hi All,

This is just a quick note to say thanks to David, Bart and anyone else who has worked on the Mac OS X support for emacspeak. 

Due to some changes where I work, I've recently moved to a Mac OS X environment. After only using Linux since around 1993 and using emacspeak since about 1997 or so, this is a bit of a change for me. However, getting emacs installed (using home-brew) and then getting emacspeak working with the 'mac' speech server has been relatively easy. So far, I've found the mac speech server to be pretty good and once I dumped my wireless keyboard for a usb one, which has two control keys - one on the left and one on the right, things have been really good. 

Today, the weather here is good, it is a long weekend and I guess I'm in a pretty positive mood. To make things even better, my google-chrome just got an update of chromeVox. It strikes me how really good the accessibility situation has become for many of us in the last 15 years or so. So many of things I wanted or needed to do previously were often such a challenge with results which were all too often only just passable. I know there are still lots of challenges, but sitting back today after reading my email, doing some work in emacs and wasting time catching up on stuff posted to google+, I can't help but reflect on how things have improved. Later today I will likely sit outside under a nice big tree we have in the garden and read some good books - something else which is getting better all the time as more and more I'm finding it easier to get access to books in an accessible format without paying way too much and without the frustration of pointless DRM. 

A good day made even better by all the fine work done by Raman, David, Bart and many many others. 

thank you to all of you!

Tim Cross

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