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Re: [SPAM] Speech server - questions about the dispatch algorithm


Since I worked a bit on espeak server recently, I'll try to answer your question.

Seems like you don't respect the following statement from the documentation:

"This is a non-blocking operation, i.e., if the client application generates additional requests, these are processed /immediately/."

Look at service proc in espeak file. If something appears at the input, the loop breaks and it is processed. I believe this happens during the speech of previous commands. There is also queue_clear command in tts-lib.tcl, which is invoked only at "s" or "reset" commands. So I gather that adding something to the queue should not clear queue.

It looks like you implement emacspeak on Windows. I was doing the same and I intend to publish binaries in a few days. This is using espeak. I thought that implementing sapi should be the next step, as it could be a bit more difficult. But I like the Microsoft voices better than espeak, so I second your attempts.


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