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Re: program args to dtk-program

interestingly, on Linux, passing "" to a script that takes no
args has no damaging effect; guess that breaks on Windows.  I'll
look at all your patches together and check them in the next
couple of weeks 
>>>>> "Jarek" == Jarek Czekalski <jarekczek@poczta.onet.pl> writes:
    Jarek> W dniu 09/27/2013 05:33 PM, T. V. Raman pisze:
    >> I've checked in a slightly fixed-up version of your patch
    >> -- note the following:
    >> The empty string is not "false" in lisp --
    Jarek> You are right, when you corrected my defvar. That's
    Jarek> how I intended it to work.
    Jarek> However replacing 2 calls to start-process with a
    Jarek> single one having "" argument as a fallback does not
    Jarek> work. It is a different thing to call a program with
    Jarek> no arguments and with an empty string as an
    Jarek> argument. So it needs a correction.
    Jarek> I discovered also additional things:
    Jarek> 1. No need to check if the path is absolute, because
    Jarek> expand-file-name leaves absolute file names
    Jarek> untouched. So it was my mistake to introduce
    Jarek> additional variable for that
    Jarek> 2. Current solution always passes a single argument,
    Jarek> so if, hypothetically, we had espeak program as
    Jarek> server, it would be impossible to launch it with 2
    Jarek> arguments, for example "-veurope/pl --path /new/path".
    Jarek> I see now the following choices, please choose the
    Jarek> one:
    Jarek> A. Revert to r8406. We would still have the ability to
    Jarek> pass absolute file name as server, so any script files
    Jarek> or batch files would work. The problem under windows
    Jarek> would be that the server has to be called through a
    Jarek> "bat" file. This was the thing I tried to avoid,
    Jarek> because sometimes these batch files create dummy
    Jarek> console windows. But I guess I made an attempt with a
    Jarek> bat file and on my system it didn't create the
    Jarek> unwanted window.
    Jarek> B. Leave things as they are being consious that using
    Jarek> DTK_PROGRAM_ARGS is possible with only single argument
    Jarek> and that it has bug passing single empty string
    Jarek> parameter instead of no parameters. Maybe currently it
    Jarek> does not crash any server, but potentially it could do
    Jarek> harm.
    Jarek> C. Slightly correct the start-process call, to remove
    Jarek> the empty string bug. Insert a comment, that only 1
    Jarek> argument may be passed to the server using
    Jarek> D. I should prepare a full patch that would provide
    Jarek> possibility to split-string of arguments into a list
    Jarek> of arguments. The list would be later passed to the
    Jarek> start-process with "apply" or "funcall". Parsing the
    Jarek> string instead of simple splitting should also allow
    Jarek> to pass arguments with spaces inside. That would force
    Jarek> me to create a complicated parsing procedure, probably
    Jarek> not worth this work. Anyway it is my need and my
    Jarek> fault, so no problem with that. The problem is having
    Jarek> some extra code in emacspeak.
    Jarek> Raman, I'm sorry for the mess I introduced with the
    Jarek> patch. Now when you know the exact purpose of the
    Jarek> patch, you have a better view on which way to choose.
    Jarek> Jarek

Best Regards,

Best Regards,

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