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OSX, emacspeak, crome interaction

Hi everyone,

The title of this post may be a little confusing .

I guess this is sort of a call for interest as well as a query for

The background:
I have started to use chromevox more and more as my primary browser.
I've got browse-url etc all set up to launch chromevox.

I run on OSX.  As I tend to not have voiceover active most of the time I
wanted a way to easily switch to chrome tabs I had opene.

I also find that I haven't managed to make friends with the chrome
bookmark manager.  I'm not entirely sure if it's because it doesn't work
well with speech or I'm missing something.  As far as I can tell I need
to enable voiceover and even then we weren't friends.

I tend to just keep all my links in an org-mode file and launch them
from there.

The missing bit of the puzzle:
Whilst I'm happy with the links in org-mode aproach I wanted a way to
see what tabs were currently open in chrome and a way to switch to them
or kill them as required.

I've got a basic chrome interaction mode working that lists the
currently open tabs allows you to hit enter on them to switch to the tab
in chrome and allows you to kill the tab from emacs.

I also have keys that return the current active tab's url both as a text
string and as an org-mode formatted link.
Unfortunately the emacs -> chrome integration is achieved using
applescript.  Thus making this only appropriate to emacspeak mac users which I'm
guessing is a small percentage.


Is anyone out there interested in this?

Can anyone suggest a platform independent way of doing the same?  
I guess that we could use different methods for different platforms if
that was an option.

Is anyone else using another aproach for bookmarks and or chrome

Just putting feelers out to gauge interest.
Kind regards


Kind regards


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