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strange voicification of super/subscripts in LATeX documents

Hi Peter,

I fixed the bug in SVN 8361

The problem was not font lock or voice lock.

For those who want to know the details:

Emacs has a text property  'display that applications can set to
influence how something can be displayed on the screen -- this is
used in a few rare instances.

In the past values of this property were plain strings, and
Emacspeak took care to speak the value of property 'display if
that property was set.

Newer versions of emacs allow this property to have a richer
value space; specifically, LaTeX-mode defined by package auctex
uses this to set 'display to '(raise 0.3) for superscripts and
'(raise -0.3) for subscripts -- visually this changes the
baseline -- since emacs has been able to  use variable width fonts for a while
now, this looks good visually.

I've updated emacspeak for now to speak value of property
'display if and only if that value is a string; this is only a
temporary fix. Long-term, I'd like to create auditory mappings
for the various value types that property 'display can take; --
'(raise x) changes the baseline -- and we could do an auditory
mapping for that if appropriate. For now, it's not needed, since
that fact is already reflected via the voice personality -- but
there may be other cases where the baseline change is purely
indicated via property 'display --

Thanks to Peter for taking the time to report this via an easy to
reproduce example ---


On 6/22/13, T. V. Raman <tv.raman.tv@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm seeing this in my environment as well, not sure when this bug
> started happening.  It's fairly mysterious:-)  Will try track it down.
>>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Rayner <prayner@unimelb.edu.au> writes:
>     Peter> This has been happening to me for a while but it
>     Peter> didn't go away when I upgraded emacs to 24.2.1 and
>     Peter> updated emacspeak to rev 8358 It also happens when I
>     Peter> start emacs as: emacs -nw -q -l
>     Peter> $HOME/packages/svn/emacspeak_svn/lisp/emacspeak-setup.el
>     Peter> i.e without loading my .emacs. When I look at the
>     Peter> following equation: \begin{equation}\label{eq:dunc}
>     Peter> C^2_{d} = C^2_{obs} + C^2_{mod} \end{equation} and I
>     Peter> move up or down a line onto the body of the equation I
>     Peter> hear C caret 2 underscore etc etc as I would like. If
>     Peter> I right-arrow (or ctrl-F) along the line from the left
>     Peter> I hear c caret raise 0.3 underscore raise minus 0.3
>     Peter> etc etc which I find less useful. I noticed it mainly
>     Peter> in latex documents but it's doing it in this email as
>     Peter> I prepare it as well. I'm running voxin as the
>     Peter> speech-server.
>     Peter>
>     Peter> Has anyone else noticed this and, if so, can I turn it
>     Peter> off? thanks in advance Peter
>     Peter>
>     Peter>
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>     Peter>
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>     Peter> University of Melbourne, 3010, Vic, Australia tel:
>     Peter> work: +61 (0)3 8344 9708; fax: +61 (0)3 8344 7761
>     Peter> mobile +61 402 752 379, skype: petermorag mail-to:
>     Peter> prayner@unimelb.edu.au
>     Peter>
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> Best Regards,
> --raman

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