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Re: strange voicification of super/subscripts in LATeX documents

T. V. Raman writes:
>Is this specific to espeak or are you seeing it on Outloud or
Outloud, it's the only speech engine I use with emacspeak. 
>  If the bug shows
>up on all TTS engines, then there is likely some kind of leakage
>in properties -- could be a font-lock bug (unlikely since others
>would have noticed) or a bug on the emacspeak end.
Turning off font-lock fixes it.
>Note that you can examine the properties   under the cursor with
Thanks, I'd forgotten that:
With font-lock on this yields
Personality (emacspeak-voice-latex-math-personality emacspeak-voice-latex-superscript-personality) Face (font-latex-math-face font-latex-superscript-face)  
While it yields nil for both when font-lock is turned off.
I've not looked at how the personality is handled in emacspeak so I'll
go off and educate myself and get back with either information or


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