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Re: strange voicification of super/subscripts in LATeX documents

Peter Rayner <prayner@unimelb.edu.au> wrote:
> When I look at the following equation:
> \begin{equation}\label{eq:dunc}
> C^2_{d} = C^2_{obs} + C^2_{mod}
> \end{equation}
> and I move up or down a line onto the body of the equation I hear 
> C caret 2 underscore etc etc 
> as I would like.
> If I right-arrow (or ctrl-F) along the line  from the left I hear
> c caret raise 0.3 underscore raise minus 0.3 etc etc
> which I find less useful. I noticed it mainly in latex documents but
> it's doing it in this email as I prepare it as well. 
> I'm running voxin as the speech-server.

You could try temporarily turning off voice-lock-mode to see whether it is
responsible for this.

I just tested the above lines with the DECTALK Express driver and was unable
to reproduce the problem. I'm running a recent version of Emacspeak from svn
and Emacs 24.3.1 from Debian.

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