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Re: Emacspeak with eSpeak losing speech on Vinux 4

While I seem to be the exception, I find pulseaudio to be really good.
I've not observed the latency issues reported by others and really
like the simplicity of being able to set different volume levels for
different devices. I enjoy being able to now have TTS at the same time
as playing some background music or half listening to a podcast etc. I
also enjoy not having to tweak an .asoundrc file on every system I use
just to get the sound quality out of viavoice to be OK. 


Jason White writes:
 > Tim Cross <tcross@une.edu.au> wrote:
 > > I'm running espeak 1.47.05, which I built from source and which is
 > > configured to use pulseaudio. The distro supplied versions of espeak
 > > have never worked well for me. I always have to recompile and set to
 > > use pulseaudio before espeak works well and does not chop off words
 > > and crash every few lines. 
 > I think that will be due to the packaging bug I just fixed in Debian. I would
 > expect the bug fix to find its way to the corresponding Ubuntu package as
 > well.
 > I'm using a USB headset, which identifies itself as a standard USB audio
 > device. HOwever, I'm running PulseAudio 2.0, not the latest version, which is
 > now 3.0. Whenever I can upgrade without breaking lots of dependencies (as is
 > currently an issue with the state of Debian shortly after a release, with lots
 > of new packages being uploaded), I'll test again.
 > To be clear, I don't need PulseAudio as such; this is basically an effort to
 > help the community a little with an increasingly common configuration that
 > will be with us for a long time. An article on LWN a while ago indicated that
 > the PulseAudio developers are keen to resolve remaining issues, and it also
 > appears that Luke Yelavich, known for his accessibility work in Ubuntu and
 > elsewhere, is a PulseAudio developer too.
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