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org 8.0 and the export dispatcher

Good morning,

As some of you may be aware org-mode 8.0 has been released.

One of the major improvements in org 8.0 is a totally rewritten export framework.

I have been trying to figure out how to deal with the new export dispatcher with emacspeak.  So far no luck. 

What appears to be happening is the dispatcher (entered with org-export-dispatch) calls a function to create an interactive menu for setting export options org-export--dispatch-ui.  

a list of key choices and help lines are displayed in a help window and keystrokes are read interactively allowing multiple options to be toggled or chosen. 

I can't get my head around how to deal with this sort of situation using emacspeak.

I'm not sure even what the approach should be?

I'm thinking that either somehow getting emacspeak to read the help window or allowing interactive exploration of the available options.  As there is quite a bit of detail in the help, it feels like it would be too much to just have it read in one chunk.  An ability to review would be best I think.

There is also an export mode where no help text is shown and the currently selected options are displayed in a cryptic form in the prompt.  Perhaps this offers some possibilities.

I guess my questions are two fold.  

What is the appropriate way of dealing with this interaction in an abstract sense?  And can anyone offer any specific coding assistance / advice for this particular situation?

Kind regards

Kind regards


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