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Re: [slightly OT] pulseaudio, Orca, and Emacs

If you're running both on the text console and the X desktop,
then make sure you dont run two emacs sessions;  instead, start
emacs as a daemon -- do emacs --daemon and then start emacsclient
where you want emacs.  This means you'll be able to share all of
your context between the graphical desktop and the text console.
>>>>> "Christopher" == Christopher Chaltain <chaltain@gmail.com> writes:
    Christopher> I use this work around when using Speakup in a
    Christopher> console, but actually, I've been running Emacs
    Christopher> more and more on the desktop. I like the
    Christopher> integration between the clipboard and kill
    Christopher> ring. BTW, is there a way to easily copy thing
    Christopher> between Emacs running in a console and an
    Christopher> application on the desktop?
    Christopher> On 04/15/2013 08:37 AM, José Vilmar Estácio de
    Christopher> Souza wrote:
    >> At least for me the solution is login in the console using
    >> a login different than the login used in X.
    >> After that you can 'su' to your X login if desired.
    >> On 04/15/2013 10:12 AM, Bill Dengler(Ubuntu) wrote:
    >> > -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----
    >>> Hash: SHA1
    >>> Hello, I have run into a slight problem. Here's what
    >>> happens : I log into my Ubuntu box I press ctrl+alt+f1 I
    >>> enter my username and press enter I enter my password and
    >>> press enter I type emacspeak -e and press enter I use
    >>> emacs for a while, then either close it or go back to X
    >>> with CTRL+ALT+F7 I lose speech in X What appears to be
    >>> happening is that processes are locking the pulseaudio
    >>> server in a way that no other processes can use it. Do
    >>> you know how to fix this? Or am I better off continuing
    >>> to run emacs from inside X?
    >>> Bill -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.12
    >>> (GNU/Linux) Comment: Using GnuPG with undefined -
    >>> http://www.enigmail.net/
    >>> fm98m87/nYLEjfiEX8M0cF0KwKdncL+ELWXskof4jAMTgU5xethpF2ED4zXioQhi
    >>> 9octOL8qPxKqsFP97fazPrfMJx3ddhSsfrJaR1D/qpQU7StDagI/2SuwemZ4mkqL
    >>> KHxE3IGvDMcTf04id8h+cFyXTankjKirXbPJUUVLPlqSqVTWqFvq5CZG9Om/D4po
    >>> eaHa2rFUaaBwp3s8pOXaB+PcZrVYmego4Ianb2X1MO1WqoQ2N6atakDaiO4AZRmf
    >>> mRYHgFAB4TkgF/kFeJMdg7lBL3I9ZfN0Hqu05McYD1q2DuhYn6Woq75HvSK4k9mI
    >>> RUx2648TSMcaxtDyUSNvS6VX4akViOl3MPQJ9xQW0SZ9Syl3bAo5BOFxRyMmUSSx
    >>> 4JyzBjTZQ7F4szb/e85dPHZddxnPY5Aj+rOy8J5I3+SDUGyYnivV/6/Mi6s5vo+N
    >>> gwZmBanFnbMiLDuf5E/0OgHqLDYfpNKclrkg3Et6epqqzXE9DzNyfVAiE731JnL4
    >>> RlK7x8/sVosJ8lHSNlpBkwqjvgJAaYUJNNOrSul19R8sElsc0x6BsWltHHJmEK/B
    >>> j0V+0yR5VJlNdYln/ABNaBjPzmbzK9MyEZkC/nHH/ECuylFlDDm4O5ZWmqxNeBAC
    >>> bJ5G05jpl+x37GViXikH =aecg -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
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