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Emacspeak Won't build on My Mac!

When I try and build emacspeak from latest svn trunk and from the 37.0 tarball, I get a meaningless error and the make fails in it tracks.  I will insert a typescript below.  I am running Mountain Lion on my Mac Mini with a current home brew installation of necessary programs and emacs.  Emacspeak was working fine right up to when I went to update/rebuild it; now it's broken for me.  What could I be missing?
----- Begin typescript -----
Script started on Wed Jan  9 20:00:50 2013
[?1034hbash-3.2$ make emacspeak
test -f  lisp/emacspeak-loaddefs.el || make config
cd lisp; make
emacs -batch -q -no-site-file   -eval '(setq vc-handled-backends nil byte-compile-warnings t)'  -l ".."/lisp/emacspeak-load-path.el -l ".."/lisp/emacspeak-loaddefs.el -l ".."/lisp/emacspeak-cus-load.el -l ".."/lisp/g-client/g-load-path.el  -f batch-byte-compile acss-structure.el
Symbol's function definition is void: declare-function
make[1]: *** [acss-structure.elc] Error 255
make: *** [emacspeak] Error 2
bash-3.2$ exit

Script done on Wed Jan  9 20:01:18 2013

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