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advising org-agenda-filter-by-category


I am trying to improve emacspeak feedback for org-mode.

I'm starting simple and hopefully working up to some more complex

As a test I've advised org-agenda-filter-by-category.

The questions I have are:
- Is there any sort of style guide when it comes to what sort of
  auditory icons should be used for various actions.

I've picked two that sounded likely but with no real rhyme or reason.

org-agenda-filter-by-category filters the current org agenda view by
category.  All other items are hiden or revealed as it's toggled. 

I use a different auditory icon depending if content is hidden or
revealed.  Then get emacspeak to speak the current line.

I'm not sure if speaking the line is necessary as point never moves.

(defadvice org-agenda-filter-by-category (around emacspeak pre act comp)
  "Provide auditory feedback."
					;  (emacspeak-auditory-icon 'close-object)
  (if (and org-agenda-filtered-by-category
      (emacspeak-auditory-icon 'close-object)
    (emacspeak-auditory-icon 'select-object))

Kind regards


Kind regards


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