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Re: Tabulation problem, possibly a mac speech server bug


I've checked in a change to table-ui -- rather than calling
function message to echo what was spoken in the message area, I
switched it to call dtk-speak directly -- this appears to fix the
problem -- or at least makes it harder to reproduce.

Please check what you see the elisp layer producing; we may  well
have a deeper bug -- in which case it must be a really
old,long-standing bug  that is probably getting tickled now that
things are a lot faster than when this code was originally written.
>>>>> "David" == David Tseng <davidtseng@gmail.com> writes:
    David> This looks to be an issue on the elisp side. Arrowing
    David> quickly around your example tablebetween 1 and 2, I
    David> never receive a "1" in any form and there's also a
    David> suspicious stop sent immediately after the first
    David> utterance: gotline: s tts_sync_state all 0 0 1 500 q {
    David> [{voice alex}] } q {2 } d d tts_set_punctuations none
    David> d end
    David> gotline: tts_set_punctuations all s tts_sync_state all
    David> 0 0 1 500 end
    David> gotline: q { [{voice alex}] } q {2 } d d
    David> tts_set_punctuations none d end
    David> At Thu, 03 Jan 2013 14:51:52 +1100, Bart Bunting
    David> wrote:
    >> Hi everyone,
    >> I'm having some troubles with
    >> emacspeak-table-display-table-in-region and I'm not sure
    >> if it is actualy a speech server bug/issue. or something
    >> else. I am hopeing that someone else using the mac server
    >> can verify this behaviour and someone who is using another
    >> speech server can confirm if it happens for them or not?
    >> The simptoms are that when you have used c-e tab to
    >> tabulate a region and you arrow around roughly every
    >> second or so movement is not spoken.
    >> However if you arrow very slowly, waiting for speech to
    >> complete each time and then a bit more, everything gets
    >> spoken.
    >> The only other place I've ever noticed something similar
    >> is when using the calendar. I never got to the bottom of
    >> that issue, but with mac speech server speech doesn't stop
    >> as expected.
    >> Any help in verifying where this is happening would be
    >> appreciated.
    >> I am also running the latest version of the mac server
    >> from svn.
    >> Here is a very simple table to test with but anything will
    >> work:
    >> 1 test 2 this 3 table 4 to 5 see 6 if 7 it works
    >> Kind regards
    >> Bart
    >> -- 
    >> Kind regards
    >> Bart
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Best Regards,

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