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Re: getting started

On Fri, Nov 21, 2008 at 04:30:21PM +1100, Daniel Dalton wrote:
> I want to run emacspeak on my emacs under debian lenny... So, where do I
> start? How can I get emacspeak to speak? Should I use the debian
> packages from aptitude or emacspeak out of svn? I want to use software
> speech (espeak), so how do I set this up? 

I think your easiest path would be to install Emacspeak from the svn

Under Debian, you'll need the tcl8.3-dev and libespeak-dev packages
See http://code.google.com/p/emacspeak/ for details of how to check out the
Emacspeak svn repository.

You'll need to compile the eSpeak server in servers/linux-espeak, and you should
also compile Emacspeak itself:
>From the top-level Emacspeak directory: make config && make emacspeak

Next, insert the following lines in your ~/.bash_profile file (or the
equivalent if you're using a different shell):

export DTK_PROGRAM=espeak
export EMACSPEAK_LC=$HOME/emacspeak
(Change the above directory appropriately for your installation).

Add the following line to your ~/.emacs file:

(load (concat (getenv "EMACSPEAK_LC") "/lisp/emacspeak-setup.el"))

When you run Emacs, it should speak. If not, be sure that all the above steps
have been completed properly. I may have forgotten something, since my
Emacspeak installation has been working well for years and I haven't had to
revisit the configuration of the speech server or the Emacspeak

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