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Fix for an old emacspeak bug in Debian

Dear Emacspeak users,

I am a Debian contributor, and wanted your help with the emacspeak package.

This is with regard to a bug in emacspeak in Debian, which reported the
possibility of attacks with respect to symbolic links. It has been fixed in the
Debian package version 28.0-3. However, that package is not acceptable for
inclusion in the next stable release due to the policy decision of not including
several changes to the existing candidate version in the 'testing' stage.
Therefore, we need to backport the fix for the bug alone, and apply it to the 26

I have isolated the fix and it applies to the old version. However, since I do
not use emacspeak, I have no reliable way of testing if this works fine. In case
you have time, could you please certify that it works as expected? Or, could you
please point me to someone who could test it for us? If someone can volunteer,
please do contact me off list.

Testing this would allow us to include emacspeak in Debian Lenny. Failing to fix
this, emacspeak may be removed from the Lenny release, and I don't want that to

Thanks a lot!


The bug report:

The patch in question is here:

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