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emacspeak-prepare-completions-buffer disapeared

Hi folks,

According to the variables emacspeak-version and mew-version I am

"28.0 Revision 5575:5576"
"Mew version 6.1.50"

I get an error when evaluating mew-complete-folder after evaluating 

The function mew-complete-folder is advised inside emacspeak-mew.el,
where the function emacspeak-prepare-completions-buffer is
called. Unfortunately it's symbol function definition is void and I am
not able to find the definition of this function.

The message buffer shows:
mew-complete-folder: Symbol's function definition is void: emacspeak-prepare-completions-buffer

This function was once defined inside emacspeak-speak.el.
Where has this function gone and how am I supposed to use


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