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character echo and english-dvorak

that's an interesting problem.

Emacspeak decides to speak the char based on the key you pressed,
rather than the char before point, and in normal usage, those are
the same.

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Brannon <cmbrannon@cox.net> writes:
    Chris> Hi list, I found a curious little bug today involving
    Chris> character echo and Emacs' english-dvorak input method.
    Chris> If you disable character echo, Emacspeak not only
    Chris> continues to echo characters, but it also echoes the
    Chris> wrong ones.  Here are the steps needed to reproduce
    Chris> it.
    Chris> ; Select english-dvorak as input method.  1. C-x ret
    Chris> C-\ english-dvorak 2. Type for a bit, while character
    Chris> echo is enabled.  You'll hear that letters are echoed
    Chris> properly.  I.E., character echo reflects the fact that
    Chris> you are using the Dvorak layout.  3. Next, disable
    Chris> character echo (C-e d k).  4. Start typing again.
    Chris> Emacspeak is still echoing characters, and it is
    Chris> echoing as though you were typing in qwerty.  For
    Chris> instance, if you press the first four keys of the home
    Chris> row, Emacspeak says a s d f, even though the buffer
    Chris> now contains a o e u.
    Chris> Regards, -- Chris
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Best Regards,

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