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espeak question and heads-up

I suspect there is a bug in the espeak tcl server, that's the
only place I can think of.

>>>>> "Robert" == Robert D Crawford <rdc1x@comcast.net> writes:
    Robert> I have been in contact with the eSpeak developer and
    Robert> we have been working through some words to improve
    Robert> the American English voice.  If you use this voice,
    Robert> you might want to upgrade to the latest version.  It
    Robert> can be downloaded here:
    Robert> http://espeak.sourceforge.net/test/latest.html
    Robert> I have a question I've not been able to find an
    Robert> answer to.  When reading through text, both brackets
    Robert> and parenthesis are spoken as left or right bracket.
    Robert> If moving point over the character, it is spoken left
    Robert> or right paren for the parenthesis and left or right
    Robert> bracket for the brackets.  If you send these commands
    Robert> to eSpeak:
    Robert> espeak --punct "[" espeak --punct "("
    Robert> they are spoken as left square and left bracket.  I
    Robert> have searched my .dictionary file and see nothing
    Robert> that would cause this.  Not only that, but it is
    Robert> global.  Also, the bracket characters seem to be
    Robert> spoken as a replacement as the echo that is used to
    Robert> distinguish characters from their names is not
    Robert> present.  Can someone shed light on what is going on
    Robert> here and what might be done to fix it.  I don't mind
    Robert> losing the echo but I don't necessarily want to
    Robert> change this in every mode either.
    Robert> Thanks for your help, rdc -- Robert D. Crawford
    Robert> rdc1x@comcast.net
    Robert> Time sure flies when you don't know what you're
    Robert> doing.
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