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Switching Punctuation mode

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I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I'm trying to set the punctuation
mode to none, and keep it there for anything that doesn't override it. I
press C-u C-e d p none RET, which should set it globally and also
locally for the current buffer. This appears to work, and from skimming
the code I know that switching to a programming mode should set it back
to all locally which is what I want. The problem comes when I switch out
of the programming mode, such as elisp-mode, into something else - all
punctuation is being spoken again and I have to keep hitting C-e d p
none RET in some newly created buffers. It seems that I only have to do
this in buffers which don't have dtk-punctuation-mode set locally,
mainly my erc buffers. It seems like this variable is getting changed
alot, since doing a describe-variable on it has it's global value going
- From none to all.

Am I just misunderstanding how this works?
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