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Re: misc. changes to servers/espeak

Chris Brannon <cmbrannon@cox.net> writes:

> "Robert D. Crawford" <rdc1x@comcast.net> writes:
>> In testing your patch, I am having some issues.  The responsiveness of
>> the server is _much_ worse with the patch applied.  If scrolling through
>> a file with C-n, the speech gets "all backed up," so to speak.  For
> If you can explain more thoroughly, or provide
> sample text, I'd appreciate it.

I'll attach my .asoundrc file, as it was the one I was working with at
the time.  Here is more explanation.

In this sentence, with character echo turned off, but word echo turned
on, I can type fast enough that the speech is about one word behind.
There 2 instances of each word spoken, almost.  Almost comes out as 

almo almost

with a slight pause in between the utterances.  

In the .asoundrc file, without the patch applied, if point is on the
first line and I use C-n to scroll down to line 20 to 25 it takes about
4 seconds for the speech to catch up and the line to be spoken.  With
the parch applied it takes about 8 seconds.

> I made two completely independent changes.  I could place them in two
> patches, if you want to try them separately.

I can try it, see what happens, and report back.

The issue was there before, just not as much as with the parch. 


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Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@comcast.net

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