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Re: looking for best quality software synthetizer for emacspeak.

"Lukas Loehrer" <listaddr1@gmx.net> writes:

> I saw your poast, but I do not know why eflite_alsa crashes after
> 30mins for you. Someone reported a similar problem about 2 years ago,
> and I was not able to solve the problem then. Your problem appears to
> have occured only after switching to Fedora 9. What were you using
> before?

I also experienced it on my previous fedora (it was fc6). It wasn't so frequent, but it happened.

> Does it sometimes crash much sooner/later?

on fc9 it sometimes happens much sooner.

> Does it also crash if you
> do not use the computer during the 30mins?

I didn't notice it. I have a feeling that it is unrelated to inactivity period.

> I could send you a build of eflite with logging enabled. This way,
> we would at least know where the crash occurs.

Yes, please.

Best regards

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