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Re: espeak voicing and compile issue (patch)

Hi Robert, 
Robert D. Crawford writes ("Re: espeak voicing and compile issue (patch)"):
> For some reason, I was having problems compiling espeak using portaudio
> 19.  I did get it to compile with version 18.

Since I use OSS with espeak anyway, I use portaudio v18 too.

> Part of my problem has to do with the Makefile, I think.  When running
> Debian don't you have to edit the makefile to include the path to the
> tcl8.x directory in the CFLAGS line?  I had to do that with the outloud
> server.  As soon as I include the tcl directory the line about not being
> able to find tcl.h goes away.  

I still use tcl 8.3. There is a special makefile in both the linux-outloud and the linux-expeak directory for tcl8.3 called makefile.tcl83. To use it, do:

make -f makefile.tcl83 atcleci.so

> Then I get a bunch of warnings like this:
> warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to 'char*'
> and it ends with:
> make: *** [tclespeak.lo] Error 1
> Does your patch fix this?

The patch fixes the errors, but I did not bother to fix all the warnings as well.

> Also, your patch was inline, not attached, as far as I can see.  Does it

The mime type of the attachment is just text/plain. VM will also show
it inline, but it is a separate attachment. In vm, I can do
vm-mime-save-all-attachments to save it. Anyway, I attached it again
with another mime type.

> begin where I have it below and if not, where?  Sorry, I'm not terribly
> familiar with the format of diff files, and I saw nothing about the
> --git option in the man page.

The patch was created by git, but it should not matter. You can still
apply it with the patch program, or use "git apply". The latter is
only necessary if the patch does things not supported by the
traditional diff format, for example deleting files.

Best regards, Lukas

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