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Re: emacspeak + eflite_alsa freezes every half an hour.

Hi Mike,

When I first started using Emacspeak, around 2002 I guess,  there was
a problem with eflite: it would suddenly stop speaking. Since in those
good old days, I could still read  the contents of an Emacs buffer if
I used 18 pt fonts, I was not unduly bothered at first. Then I did
write a report to you, by which time you had sorted out the problem
and directed me to the newly released version which worked
fine. Perhaps the same bug has reappeared in a new incarnation. 

I apologize for not being able to give version numbers etc. but you
might be able to find out the problem that had occurred then by
looking through your Changelog or other records.

I still think eflite is the smoothest speech server for Emacspeak; I
actively disliked the nasal quality of the ViaVoice/outloud
combination. The only advantage it has is, of course, voice
locking. Any info on flite providing other voices?


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