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Re: espeak voicing and compile issue (patch)

"Lukas Loehrer" <listaddr1@gmx.net> writes:

> i.e. there are pauses in the wrong places, especially
> when there are a lot of non-alpha-numeric characters, like in source

This one is fixable in the TCL portion of the server.  Don't let ESpeak
decide how to pronounce punctuation.

> The ssml emacspeak sends to espeak is indeed not well formed. There
> are never any close tags. I think this is because the way emacspeak
> handles voice changes is somewhat hard to map to ssml.

Thanks for the clarification; that was my impression from reading the code.
Instead of using SSML, might it be possible to interpret DecTalk-style
commands within the TTS server?
This seems like the right way to go.  Is there a good reason not to do it?

-- Chris

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