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Re: looking for best quality software synthetizer for emacspeak.

Kalyan Mukherjea writes ("looking for best quality software synthetizer for emacspeak."):
> I am currently using eflite (adapted for alsa by  Lucas Lohrer.)
> However since my flite is not alsa enabled, I get a warning at the end
>  > of  a `dmesg' that flite uses the obsolete OS for sound. Is your
>  > `eflite_alsa
> something different: more precisely, does your version of flite use
>  > alsa also?

eflite_alsa is simply an eflite binary that I linked statically
against an alsa enabled flite library. Thus it does not matter whether
the version of flite installed on your system uses alsa or oss. I am
puzzled why you would get an error message about OSS when running

Because it seems there is still interest in it, I will update
eflite_alsa with the latest eflite soon.

Best regards, Lukas

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