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emacspeak 28.0 Debian package

You may have noticed that I have packaged version 28.0 of emacspeak
for Debian.  Unfortunately, I was a few days late for the freeze for
the upcoming release of "Lenny", so it looks like it will have version

However, since then, another developer identified unsafe temporary
file handling in seversl packages, including emacspeak (Bug#496431).
Raman quickly fixed the the developmental version.  I have backported
his changes to the stable 28.0 sources, and just uploaded the new
package emacspeak_28.0-2_all.deb to Debian "unstable".  

In a few days, I plan to ask the release team to "unblock" emacspeak
(allow it into "testing").  Ordinarily they would do that only for a
trivial change (like documentation) or to fix an important bug
(e.g. security).  They won't like a jump of two major versions.  I'll
argue that emacspeak is undergoing steady evolution (rather than major
refactoring that might introduce major bugs), and that both version
28.0 sources and my new package have been thoroughly exercised.  I
would like your help with that last part.  If you are running Debian
or a related release, please install the new package, test it out, and
report how well it works.  If there are bugs, by all means report them
via "reportbug" as usual.  But I would like to hear positive reports
too, to back up my "unblock" request.

Thanks in advance for your help.

                     - Jim Van Zandt

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