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Re: espeak voicing issue

"Robert D. Crawford" <rdc1x@comcast.net> writes:

> I've been messing around a bit with espeak today and yesterday.  I've
> discovered that any voice with a richness setting of zero is not
> spoken.

I can verify this.  If you listen to the sampler, you hear that volume
is a decreasing function of richness, with richness 0 corresponding to 0 volume.

> Also, sometimes lines I move point to do not speak immediately.  If I do
> C-e l I get the first part of the line (maybe four or five words)
You may be working too fast for the synth.  I notice some annoyingly long 
pauses at various points.
Out of curiosity, what version of ESpeak are you using?

> Two things I wonder about concerning espeak...
> 1.  Does anyone else find the character echo unusable?
> Turning off word echo seems to help a little.  

Well, I'm not having too much trouble with character echo, but I sometimes
notice a bit of a stutter when word echo is enabled.  For instance, the last
sentence contained the word "notice'.  When I pressed space to end the word,
ESpeak said nuh notice ... just as a stutterer might!

-- Chris

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