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Re: festival + emacspeak - how to configure it

Hi Michal,

From: Michal <rabbit50@tenbit.pl>
Subject: Re: festival + emacspeak - how to configure it
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 11:49:20 +0200

> Pierre Lorenzon <devel@pollock-nageoire.net> writes:
> > why festival ?
> Hi Pierre
> On my fc6 I used eflite_asla and it worked fine. I liked the quality
> and also that it works with alsa. Unfortunatelly on fc9 I experienced
> some problems. I described it in post
> https://www.emacspeak.org/VCCS-archive/2008/msg00289.html
> In the

  I looked at the post but cannot say anything. I experienced
  myself problems with flite and my opinion is that flite is
  not enough maintained. Anyway festival itself compiles and
  works perfectly with kernel and gcc 4.1.2 i.e. very
  modern tools. Now another question: Do you absolutely want to
  keep emacspeak or are you ready to use speechd-el ? In the
  latter case there's absolutely no problem it works with
  festival. In the former case the only thing I can do for you
  is to send you the code I wrote to connect directely emacs to
  festival. But unfortunately this code is very partial and
  probably obsolete since it was written for emacsspeak 24. 

> meantime I started searching for good quality voices (not necessarilly
> free, but also not too expensive). I found that there are good quality
> voices which at http://www.cepstral.com/, which also work with
> festival, that's why my question. Of course there may be that I do not
> know other good quality synthetizers.



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