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Re: Emacs and the modern world

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I think the fundimental question here is how relivant is Emacs and
Emacspeak given its age and all.  My best answer is two fold.  

1. Many people are still using it; just a few posts here show that.
Obviously, it doesn't compare with the install base of something like

2. Also, it is still being actively developed and that's key! As far
as I'm concerned, if an application is still being actively developed,
than it still has relivante at least to the ones still using it.  I
mean, look at linux itself.  Some people contend that the Unix
environment is old and out dated and yet the Kernel for Linux is still
being very actively developed and supported.

Now if development stopped years ago, then relivance will quickly wain
as it becomes possibly quite incompatible with "modern" systems.  Both
Emacs and EmacSpeak as well as Speechd-el are all being developed and
well supported right up to the minute.
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