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Re: Sometimes bad responsiveness with outloud and alsa 1.0.16

also, it might not be the alsa change that made this problem more
visible; it could also be changes in how  the threading library

Outloud is multithreaded -- run ps to see that it's running the
synthesis on a separate thread. 
The TCL  server loop is calling select, 
and  also  calls eciSpeaking which is sort of equivalent to
polling -- these two idioms are not necessarily a good mix. But
there is no other way that I could find at the time to get this
coded efficiently.

>>>>> "Lukas" == Lukas Loehrer <listaddr1@gmx.net> writes:
    Lukas> Hi Raman,
    Lukas> if I guess it correctly, the current value of 0.02
    Lukas> seconds is chosen as slightly less than 0.023 seconds
    Lukas> which is 256/11025, which would be the period time
    Lukas> with a period size of 256 samples. The idea would then
    Lukas> be that after waiting for this amount of time, there
    Lukas> will be space in the buffer for another chunk of
    Lukas> samples.
    Lukas> Tweaking parameters in the .asoundrc file or the above
    Lukas> value might work indeed, I am still somewhat puzzled
    Lukas> how the alsa upgrade could make this problem so much
    Lukas> worse.
    Lukas> On the topic of sound subsystems, I am considering to
    Lukas> give the recently GPL-ed OSS 4.0 [1] a try. I still
    Lukas> find alsa pretty difficult to code for especially
    Lukas> because the docs are so sparse. Also, I very much
    Lukas> dislike the often required fiddling with the .asoundrc
    Lukas> settings to get decent behavior. I do not know if OSS
    Lukas> 4 is better in this respect, but it might be worth a
    Lukas> try on machines where alsa cannot be persuaded to
    Lukas> deliver usable results. The OSS API is certanly much
    Lukas> simpler than alsa's and software mixing is supported
    Lukas> as well.
    Lukas> Best regards, Lukas
    Lukas> [1] http://developer.opensound.com/
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