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Re: Sometimes bad responsiveness with outloud and alsa 1.0.16

Hi Raman,

if I guess it correctly, the current value of 0.02 seconds is
chosen as slightly less than 0.023 seconds which is 256/11025, which
would be the period time with a period size of 256 samples. The idea
would then be that after waiting for this amount of time, there will
be space in the buffer for another chunk of samples.

Tweaking parameters in the .asoundrc file or the above value might
work indeed, I am still somewhat puzzled how the alsa upgrade could
make this problem so much worse.

On the topic of sound subsystems, I am considering to give the
recently GPL-ed OSS 4.0 [1] a try. I still find alsa pretty difficult
to code for especially because the docs are so sparse. Also, I very
much dislike the often required fiddling with the .asoundrc settings
to get decent behavior. I do not know if OSS 4 is better in this
respect, but it might be worth a try on machines where alsa cannot be
persuaded to deliver usable results. The OSS API is certanly much
simpler than alsa's and software mixing is supported as well.

Best regards, Lukas

[1] http://developer.opensound.com/

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