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installing emacspeak-28.0

Hello emacspeak list,
I'm trying to install emacspeak on a toughbook laptop that is not
networked.  Below I've listed the steps I've taken, at the very end I
get stuck on the installation of emacspeak.

**unpack  the emacs archive
tar -zxvf emacs-22.1.tar.gz
** change into emacs-22.1 directory
cd emacs-22.1
** run autoconf to create configure scripts
** create scripts to build emacs
./configure prefix=/usr/local
** build emacs
** install emacs (might have to become supereuser)
make install
* tcl
** unpack archive
tar -zxvf tcl8.5.3-src.tar.gz
** go to tcl directory
cd tcl8.5.3
** go to unix sources
cd unix
** make configuration scripts
** make configuration scripts to build tcl
./configure prefix=/usr/local
** build tcl
** test build
make test
** install tcl as superuser
make install
** make a symbolic link to tclsh
ln -s /usr/local/bin/tclsh8.5 /usr/local/bin/tclsh
** unpack tK archive
tar -zxvf tk8.5.3-src.tar.gz
** change into tk directory
cd tk8.5.3
** change to unix source directory
cd unix
** make configuration scripts
** make scripts to build tK
./configure prefix=/usr/local
** build tK library and wish
** test build
make test
** install tcl library and wish as superuser
make install
* port audio
** unpack pa zip file
tar -zxvf pa*.tar.gz
** change to portaudio directory
cd portaudio
** configure scripts to build pa
** make scripts to build pa
./configure prefix=/usr/local
** build pa
1 alsa warning
** install pa
make install
* espeak
**unzip espeak source archive
unzip espeak-1.37-source.zip
**change to espeak source directory
cd espeak-1.37-source
** copy version 19 header to default header file
cp portaudio19.h portaudio.h
** build espeak
make prefix=/usr/local
** install espeak as superuser
make prefix=/usr/local install
** make new libraries visible
***insert library directory to ld.conf.so
ed /etc/ld.so.conf
*** update library configuration
** test espeak
espeak "hello"
get pulseaudio error, but espeak renders speech
**unpack tclx archive
tar -zxvf tclx8.4.tar.gz
* *change to tclx directory
cd tclx8.4
** configure tclx build scripts
* make build scripts for tclx
./configure --prefix=/usr/local
got warnings about thread enabling and datarootdir
** build tclx
got warnings about pointer passing differing in signedness
** test tclx
make test
got segmentation fault after profile test
** install tclx
make prefix=/usr/local install
** unpack emacspeak archive
tar -zxvf emacspeak-28.0.tar.gz
** change to emacspeak directory
cd emacspeak-28.0
** configure emacspeak build
make config
** build emacspeak
make emacspeak
** change to speech servers directory
cd servers
** change to espeak directory
cd linux-espeak
** build espeak server
make prefix=/usr/local
error on line 596
*** change char to const char (I'm guessing)
run make again
error with -ltcl option
make symbolic link to tcl library
ln -s /usr/local/lib/libtcl8.5.so /usr/local/lib/libtcl.so
** change back to emacspeak main directory
cd ../..
** install emacspeak as superuser
make prefix=/usr/local install
This step gets stuck on installing lisp/*el and lisp/*elc
about half of the files are installed

Thanks for any help, John

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