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[Robert D. Crawford] Re: A simple question

"Asuka Langley" <hunkumori@gmail.com> writes:

> I'd like to ask some help from the users of this mailing list. My
> friend started a "project" to make new voices for emacspeak. I want to
> ask some help for it. I mean, some documentation or howto. What tasks
> we have to do and so on. If you could send me a link or a list with
> these recommendations, that would be great.  

First, a little more information is needed.  Are you talking about
voices in the way that I have voices to speak different faces in the
various modes?  What synth are you using?  Are you talking about voices
like the voices that you get with festival?  (not that you can use
festival with emacspeak, as far as I remember).  

The mailing list is archived at:


and lots more information can be found on the emacspeak blog at:


and of course there is the info manual.

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