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Re: [emacspeak The Complete Audio Desktop] Leveraging Web 2.0 Design Patterns For...

Hi Raman,

just thought I'd mention that bookshare isn't that useful to non US
residents. Unless it has changed since the last time I looked, non-US
residents can only get access to material that is past copyright (i.e. old
classics) and some others with licenses etc that wil allow it, such as
creative commons. 

Unfortunately, the absolutely wonderful support we use to get from O'Reilly
doesn't seem to exist anymore where we could get electronic text versions
just by asking - at least not for me. All the e-mails I've sent over the
last few years have not been responded to at all - not even to tell me the
previous arrangement is no longer available. I have even tried from
multiple different addresses in case my address was being
blocked/blacklisted etc. I even tried an e-mail directly to Tim
O'Reilly, but got no response. My guess is that now they hav
Safari, they want us to use that, which is what I've been doing, but its
not exactly cheap. They do have a special portal that is supposed to be
more accessible than their main one, but to be honest, I've found them both
pretty difficult to access from Linux and generally end up using
window-eyes amd Internet Explorer (sssh, don't tell anyone). I tend to use
the PDF tokens you get and download PDF chapters of the books I'm
interested in. I then find converting them to text and reading from within
emacs is not too bad once you do a bit of clean-up to remove the copyright
and user details O'Reilly adds as page footers to the PDF.

Still, its a pity the old arrangement is no longer available. I use to very
much praise O'Reilly for their support and even purchased things like the
CD bookshelf series to provide some support. I guess now they are just
geting too big and have lost that little extra touch.

> Jason,
> O'Reilly has a couple of good JS references, any one of them will
> do -- and they're all available from bookshare.
> >>>>> "Jason" == Jason White <jason@jasonjgw.net> writes:
>     Jason> On Thu, Jun 12, 2008 at 03:30:13PM -0700, T. V. Raman
>     Jason> wrote:
>     >> We will base this session on project
>     >> Google-AxsJAX. Developers should know JavaScript, but
>     >> session doesn't require deep AJAX hackery.
>     Jason> 
>     Jason> With apologies to Raman and others for the off-topic
>     Jason> question: What is the best, accessible, book or
>     Jason> tutorial on Javascript that I can add to my admittedly
>     Jason> already long reading list?
>     Jason> 
>     Jason> I have already followed Raman's earlier blog post and
>     Jason> installed MozRepl; I recommend it to other Emacspeak
>     Jason> users interested in Javascript and Firefox.
>     Jason> Realistically, I'm not sure when I'll find time for
>     Jason> the reading, but since Javascript is going to be such
>     Jason> a large part of Web accessibility henceforth, it's
>     Jason> time to start learning.
>     Jason> 
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> Best Regards,
> --raman
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